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I just erased my iMac

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Ian Watson:
It was done deliberately because I’m taking it to a technician to have the internal SSD replaced with a bigger one. (I have one of the last where this is possible.) It has been backed up thoroughly and, logically, restoring everything on the new drive will be easy. Emotionally, I feel as though I’ve just deleted all of my photographs.

A cup of tea is in order.

Birna Rørslett:
Lowering your shoulders will make the cup of tea even more delicious :)

Plus, unless everything on the old SSD is deleted, photos are just files that can be copied back to the new drive.

Ian Watson:
Thank you, Birna  :)

I did delete the old SSD because I would not have the chance to do it later. It was backed up to two other places using Carbon Copy Cloner. The Migration Assistant can use these backups to restore everything. Hence the difference of opinion between reason and emotion.

As it turned out, the technician did a great job of destroying my confidence in his abilities and the quote went considerably higher once he understood the actual task. So I will restore the original drive and look at some external ones.

If I understand correctly, the data backed up in two different places still remain intact?  Then it should be of no problem?  Hope you can retrieve the data and peace of mind...

Birna Rørslett:
I don't understand why the procedure is dangerous at all? I do upgrade to bigger SSD disks on several installations every year on various PCs.

Always keep the original disk unchanged as a fallback. Attach a label to indicate its origin and store in a safe space.

I just use migration software to clone everything to the new drive, plus expand any file system to the bigger volume. It's really a breeze and certainly not worth paying anyone to do it for you? Migration software isn't that expensive either and can be used many many times over.


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