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Closure of Imaging Ressource

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Another sad news following the closure of Dpreview.

I've always referred to the Imaging Resource particularly for the measurements of the shutter response speeds which well corresponded my physical impression of the respective camears.

Erik Lund:
It's like an bursting IT Bubble  :o

The Imaging Resource is back online now, but its sad situation seems to continue...


--- Quote from: Erik Lund on May 11, 2023, 09:09:12 ---It's like an bursting IT Bubble  :o

--- End quote ---

I wonder if the bubble is more knowledge than IT Erik??
A bit like a library burning down,  or closing to the public maybe?

"You never miss your water, till your well runs dry"

Ilkka Nissilä:
I think people just assumed that information that is freely available on the internet will always be so, and many stopped buying books, magazines, and other media which they could control (by keeping it in a bookshelf). The wealth of information available online can make the traditional media look uninspiring in some ways.

I'm wondering what is the part of a website like imaging resource which incurs the majority of costs, is it having all those test images available in high resolution? I would think that hosting articles with relatively small images would not be expensive.


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