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CF Reader with ethernet and other USB ports


Small rant on Apple. They went without ports and got everyone mad, but everyone got adapters. OK. Then they go pack to having SOME ports but not all, so you need different adapters. The MBP M1 includes an SD slot when the higher end photographers have moved to CF, so they hard wired an old standard. OK.

So what I am looking for is:
* USB-C adapter or small hub
* CF card
* ethernet
* 2-3 older USB ports

I have a CF reader, and I have a small adapter for network and USB older ports, put i want just one dongle.

Like this but with CF not SD.

Does anyone know of such an accessory?


I don’t think anyone makes such a gadget with a CF card reader installed.

I use Caldigit ‘hubs’, and plug a CF reader into them.

Caldigit and OWC hubs have a good reputation in the USA. Agree with Snoogly that CF card readers are not likely to be found in hubs, at least in the 'higher end' hubs.  I recently acquired a Sandisk "pro" card reader that accommodates CF/SD/mSD (the perfect combination for me) and can [so far] recommend that unit.

Thanks, I have a hub for my home office, looking for a mobile solution where I can minimize the number of dongles!!


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