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Classified Ads: Guidelines
« on: August 12, 2015, 14:15:30 »
This Classified Ads board is open exclusively to Supporting Members of NikonGear. We do not allow any kind of commercial trade or marketing even when an NG Supporter runs such business outside the site.

Nikongear is not in any way responsible for the content of the ads. The posts must conform to the general site guidelines and will be deleted if they violate site policy.

Nikongear is not liable
for any inaccurate or misleading descriptions, failed payment transactions, damage or loss during shipping of items, or any disagreement between the parties involved in a transaction subsequent to placing a classified ad on NG. Please see this Website Disclaimer for a statement of liability limitation.

Mark adverts clearly by country of origin using the standard 2 or 3-letter national codes or by spelling the country in full.
For example:
  • [NO] Fuji XT-1 for sale
  • [Norway] Fuji XT-1 for sale
Conduct the sale transaction only through the PM service or by using email between the buyer/seller. Do not discuss the sale with the buyer in the Ad itself.

Specify whether shipping outside your own country is acceptable. We expect the seller to provide information about shipping costs to the buyer for any shipment.

Add a SOLD label to your Subject line so that the Admins can close the thread when the transaction has been completed.

Any interested party can ask questions regarding the item as long as they are kept within the same thread.

Guest visitors can add questions to an existing topic as well. However, these posts require moderator approval before they become visible to the public. Any abuse of this feature will result in a permanently banned IP address.

Guidelines are updated whenever deemed necessary by the NG Team.

Date Published: 12 August, 2015  Last Update: 29 March, 2016