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How are your eyes shaping up?

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The last two years have played havoc on my eyesight. My job is a university teacher, so for two years I was online, and my eyes only looked a couple of feet in front of me. It radically changed my (already bad) eyesight, and made photography difficulty. Hard to focus on the scene in front of me, and hard to focus on the camera LCD or viewfinder.

Last August my eyes finally blew up, and I got a new prescription for my varifocal lenses. At last I could focus on the world around me, and use a camera.

But several weeks ago my world changed, and my work is now back on campus. My eyes are being used in a fundamentally different way, and over the last week I have noticed it has become harder to use my cameras. This made me notice my eyes were buggered-up again!

Went to the opticians today, and hopefully will be picking up a better pair of specs in a week.

I am curious if any other NG members have experienced vision issues strong enough to have on impact on their photography over the last couple of years.

Birna Rørslett:
Well, most of us do age and with increasing age comes all sorts of issues, eyesight not excluded. These changes do tend to occur intermittently and abruptly.

Many many moons ago I had to forego my beloved Nikon F2 Titan due to eye issues and after that, getting renewed prescriptions and using the ocular settings of the new cameras, I can scrape by. In fact, although it was hard to admit, the EVF of the Z  fc/Z9 made viewing through the camera a little easier the last couple of years. Almost Df-like :) -- almost, but highly usable.

Back in the F/F2/F3 days you had to apply a diopter correcting lens on the finder if you didn't want to use your glasses on your camera.
Since the introduction of the F4, a diopter correction dial (on the side of finder) was introduced, allowing to correct from -3 (near sighted) to +3 (far sighted). Naturally, you might have needed to correct more if youy were really nearsighted or farsighted. All models produced after the F4 have this feature, I never use glasses when I'm using a camera. Maybe you need prescription glasses for your normal vision, if your sight is within the -3/+3 range you don't have to use any other extra correction method, just turn the dial to compensate your particular eyesight.

Despite my work (more than 40 years time) as an IT professional, with 99% of my working day in front of a monitor at arms' distance, I was lucky enough not having to use glasses up to age 56, currently I use +2 glasses and all my cameras are corrected likewise. On cameras with an EVF I can read the menus and preview photos without using glasses, otherwise I pull down my glasses (they live permanently on my forehead thanks to an elastic sports strap) and I'm ready to go.

For me, practically no prob: I can drive without glasses (maybe if I want to select a radio channel I have to pull down my glasses, but that's no driving!), I can do photography with no glasses, I can watch TV with no glasses, I have to use glasses only in front of a PC or Notebook or tablet, and I use Siri all the time to dictate my texts (my big fingers do more errors on the tiny virtual keys of a smartphone)

Maybe I got lucky?

Ciao from Massimo

When the half mirrors made it way into the SLRs, and the finder screen became brighter to compensate for the loss of the light directed to the viewfinder, I gave up focusing on the matte of the screen.  :(  An FM2n body was the last SLR with which I could focus properly on the matte.

Now I'm suffering from the presbyopia as many of the folks, but, better or worse, I am strongly near-sighted.  So I can focus on the LCD
screen with the image magnification function fairly comfortably.

Having said that, my eyes become tired easily after long hours of using PC.  In that case, I typically go out and look into distance for a while, which makes me feel a bit relaxed with my eyes.

Also, I've heard that blueberry contains some ingredient that improves eyesight.  So I try to put the blueberry jam on the bread periodically with the hope of the info to be true.   ::)

Birna Rørslett:
Blueberries taste deliciously. So not wasted either way.


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