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A Scot currently living in Stuttgart, Swabia, I recently bought a Nikon Df rather out of the blue --- I blame the electricity company for a scheduled disconnect for  urgent maintenance which forced me into town where I just happened to go into a camera shop which just happened to have a Df in the second hand section. I'd always found this camera vaguely intriguing because of its looks and  suitability for classic MF lenses but had always ruled it out on cost grounds. This one, though hardly cheap was reasonably priced and I decided a couple of days later to go for it. In the meantime I (re)discovered this site and realised it would be great for things Nikon but particularly for information and discussions about the wonderful older Nikkor lenses and have already found it very helpful. I'd always treated Bjørn's lens section as something of a bible and indeed had bought and sold a few of his recommended AI/AIS classics in the past.

I've been mainly mirrorless for over a decade (latterly Fuji), finally making a return to Nikon soon after the release of the Z6 which remains my primary shooter. In the past I'd also had D200,700 and briefly 600. Because the more affordable end of the S lens line up is still rather restricted at the telephoto end in particular, I bought several F mount ones in the meantime. Thanks to the Df, I can AF the D lenses and although mirrorless is ultimately more flexible, I do miss an OVF, decent battery life and simply shooting the older classics without an adaptor and with a sensor which seems more ideally suited to them than the latest generation.  I don't do much action, more dreamy landscapes and portraits

Birna Rørslett:
Welcome to NG. It's a relaxed and quite friendly haven to visit in cyberspace. Plus. no advertising or tracking.  "Just happened to visit a shop that happened to have this second-hand Df"....  such stories are not unheard of. Perhaps the spouses hear them even more frequently than NG members??

The Df will serve you well in making those "dreamy" pictures. Do show us the outcome(s) :)

Nothing wrong with the Z6 and its ilk, they may grown on you after a while provided they use lenses that handle well on them.

thanks for the welcome, Birna. Of course I had to confess my sins to the spouse! She replied with "that's an absolutely gorgeous camera. Perhaps I might even use it one day, it actually looks like a camera. No, you're not allowed to return it" She has never come to terms with modern electronic gadgets and after abandoning her film era Nikon, currently only uses a phone.

My photos are not in the main very interesting but perhaps there'll be a chance to post one or two when they're related to some topic for discussion. With the Df, I'm only at the beginning of what I hope will be a long journey. After all, it has no successors!

My favourite native lens with the Z6 is the superb 85mm f1.8. Older lenses, like my 50mm f1.2 AIS have a certain character which you just don't get any more.

Birna Rørslett:
As long as you keep in mind the Df is not as robust as it might appear, you will have much fun with the camera indeed. Its Achilles heel so to speak is impacts straight into the front, like bumping the front of the lens against a door frame or similar. There is a ceramic plate just behind the mount that serves as the hub for lens-camera communication and it can develop tiny cracks preventing the lens from operating or metering properly. I have had that issue twice, with different bodies, until I learned my lesson :(

I always treat cameras carefully and wasn't expecting a D4! Still, thanks a lot for the heads up on this particular weakness which I don't remember reading about elsewhere. I got the impression from reading a few of your posts that it's perhaps your favourite camera?


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