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If you have noticed I haven't been active in the forum recently the cause being I have being down due to coronavirus for the last couple of weeks. Bad part is over now (not over the top bad, I spend the whole time home) and I'm in my way to what looks like a full and fast recovery.

  Today I went for a walk and I found interesting my choice of Z6 and 105mm 2.5 ai  :)

  Happy to have energy to shot again and happy to be back!

   La LĂ­nea, Z6, 105mm 2.5 ai

Wishing you all the very best Paco...beat the last of those bugs off!!!

Paco, hope you are 100% recovered very soon

Glad to know your recovery, Paco!  Hope you to stay free from any after effects.

Obviously you have kept your inspiration unaffected.  :)

John Geerts:
Have all the strength you need Paco and recover quickly. !!


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