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And in the beginning . . .

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Fons Baerken:
13 ;) years ago i think 2008

Erik Lund:

--- Quote from: ColinM on June 21, 2021, 21:55:27 ---Ahh, Blyde River Canyon you say?

So is that Mr DD in discussion with Bjorn?

Thanks for sharing this Ann.
It's still a pretty good journey to be a member of.

--- End quote ---

We had more or less the whole lodge, Otters Den on a small island in the river, we had a great time there I believe we where there two nights- Year was 2009 DD is not in the image,,,
In the picture: Mike, Pawel, myself, yes B and JA

Below B and Ann

Untitled by Erik Gunst Lund, on Flickr278 by Erik Gunst Lund, on Flickr
284 by Erik Gunst Lund, on Flickr287 by Erik Gunst Lund, on Flickr

And Ann planning ahead, while DD is in the background,,,Untitled by Erik Gunst Lund, on Flickr



Thank you so much for adding those evocative images.

I remember that it was you who was the hero of the hour that crawled under the broken bus and found the damaged part?

Good to see you guys...

I don't want to believe this was all the gear. There must be a few car trunks full of other gear out there :D

Thanks guys for sharing the photos!

Jakov Minić:
This is not Erik fixing the breaks.


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