Author Topic: nikkor 105mm f/2 DC  (Read 10097 times)


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Re: nikkor 105mm f/2 DC
« Reply #45 on: September 23, 2021, 17:22:07 »
I'm currently shooting Nikon Df and Panasonic MFT.

While I do like my Nikkor 105 DC on my DF, I actually like it better on my micro four thirds camera.  While the DC on the front of the smallish Panny camera is a bit front heavy, I can put up with it because of the improved rendering (at least to my eyes) on the Panny camera.

The secret to unleashing the 105 DC's ultimate IQ on a MFT body is to use a NIKON G/F TO BMCC .64X "Metabones Speed Booster" between the lens and the camera.  The resulting image has a shallower DOF, and I believe the image to be sharper too.  I prefer the field of view better too.  This "special" Speed Booster will only work on a MFT camera if shooting with the electronic shutter (because the rear element protrudes so deeply into the camera that it interfers with the mechanical shutter).  I have tried the "Nikon G/F to MFT Metabones Speed Booster", and prefer the IQ I get with the "Nikon G/F to BMCC" version.