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Title: FS: Nikon R1C1 Makroblitz-Kit - NEW - complete plus
Post by: typestar on August 21, 2019, 22:08:40
BRANDNEW - not one time used - complete Nikon R1C1 Makro Flash-Kit

I bought this set new - but I have never used it at all. So it is brand new -- and it should be used from passionate photographers here...
[ lists this new for 769. EUR -- sells a new R1C1 Kit at the moment for 705 EUR (they reduced it from 799) / Foto Koester sells it for 799 EUR + shipping, other dealers even more]

The set is complete, in the original large "Close-up Speedlight Kit Case SS-MS1" - including all parts -- most single parts of it not even drawn out of the plastic-packaging -
This comes with:  1 SU-800 Wireless Commander unit,  2 SB-R200 Remote Speedlight units, soft bag SS-SU800 for the SU-800, 2 soft bags SS-R200 for the SB-R200 units, Attachment Ring SX-1, Adaptor rings for 52/62/67/72/77mm screw threads; 2 SW 11 diffusers, 1 SW-12 Diffuser for frontal lighting, 2 speedlight-stands AS-20, flexible arm-clip SW-C1, SG-3Ir IR-Panel, colour-filter-sets and Color-filterholders, etc. - plus the printed (German) manual (available as PDF download in your language also), the guarantee card new ... 

The following will be included by me in addition- which is not included in the original kit:

My asking price for the complete parcel is  370 EUR + shipping - (that is more than half the new price) --- (best inside Europe, but I would ship worldwide)

Please feel free to contact me with a PM

Thankyou for your interest!

Title: SOLD: Nikon R1C1 Makroblitz-Kit - NEW - complete plus
Post by: typestar on September 16, 2019, 21:27:22
This is sold now and in good hands.
Thankyou for your interest!