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Title: Maybe
Post by: frankv on July 01, 2015, 20:42:20
Since Norway has been hosting several events, why don't we look at the Baltic states? Both Riga and Tallin looks interesting. There are flight connections to most of europe, and prices are probably a bit lower than Norway.  :) And maybe we could dig out Jubejuss from the woods. I really miss his humor, and warm hearted photos.

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Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: Bjørn Rørslett on July 01, 2015, 20:59:07
Been to Estonia only once and the landscape is perhaps not exciting on a grand scale. However, as always there are lots of details once you open your eyes to them.

Language might be an issue though, as English is not spoken widely outside the tourist spots. and we don't want to be tourists, do we? Perhaps German or Russian are better choices than English, though.

Lithuania and Latvia are small countries but as seen from the maps, might offer quite varied sea- or lakeshore areas.

The Baltic capitals Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius should be easily accessible by airlines.

Another country well worth visiting is Poland.

We should urge any existing or potential member to step forward and help make such ideas come true.
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: elsa hoffmann on July 01, 2015, 21:05:24
sounds interesting...
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: Bjørn Rørslett on July 01, 2015, 21:16:25
Let's not forget Slovenia. Almost all the landscape one could possibly ask for, minus glaciers, plus old castles and fortifications. Friendly, laid-back people, low prices. English spoken passably.

No experience with Serbia or Croatia, but Jakov assures me these are nice too. Montenegro is very charming but language again, like the Baltic region, can be an issue.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are also within reach. You can do pretty well using English there.

Austria and Switzerland => Alps and lots of nature.

Thus, even within a small continent such as Europe, the potential list of venues is very long.
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: elsa hoffmann on July 01, 2015, 21:19:47
Personally I want some place which gives me more than landscapes and street stuff. Just dont ask me what. I am very open to suggestions, but it will be a very expensive trip for me - so I need to get the most out of shooting different things. does this make sense?
Good company weighs a lot, but is half of the story only.
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: Jørgen Ramskov on July 06, 2015, 11:50:15
We got friends in Riga so we've been there more than once. It's most certainly worth visiting, here's an article with some info:
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: Frank Fremerey on July 06, 2015, 13:59:17
From a Riga tour:
Title: Re: Maybe
Post by: Olivier on July 06, 2015, 14:09:26