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« on: May 07, 2019, 11:12:25 »
Hello everybody.
At the 1980. got borrowed EM in my hands with 50mm E pancake. Since first mirror clap I felt having something different in my hands then anything before. When first photo comes up in my darkroom I was completely shocked. Since then I may say that I became infected by the N virus.  :)
Indeed, as a student at the time, I was able to own family Fed4, later my own Praktica or photoclub's Zenit with Pentacons, Heliosess, Industars. Difference was HUGE.
Because photography is not my profession then love I dare not to buy my own N gear till few years ago. Owned many different brands of digital bridges and compacts. 3 years ago I bought Sony mirrorless and started to attach Nikon old MF lenses. Month ago bought F801, now most of my collected Nikon glass I can attach to F body too. Virus is still active.  :)
As you can see, I am more dedicated to classic gears. Hope to have fun joining this community.
(Sony A7II + Nikkor 300mm /4.5 Ai)

Frank Fremerey

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Re: N-virus
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great shot. welcome aboard!
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