Author Topic: Nikon F4S- Who is using one?  (Read 945 times)


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Re: Nikon F4S- Who is using one?
« Reply #15 on: February 09, 2019, 02:44:40 »
I have one SN 2404064 - bought a few years ago in mint condition with MB20 and 21 and J screen for A$200.

The screen is so big, bright and clear that despite no split prism, just micro-prisms, manual focusing is easy. I use it with DK17M. I just wish they had similar with new DSLR.

AFS is fast and accurate and metering is fine albeit in P mode as aperture is not changeable manually. Sadly new E lenses will only shoot wide open with no connection to camera.


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Re: Nikon F4S- Who is using one?
« Reply #16 on: March 19, 2019, 00:00:02 »
I find my F4s a most exotic and sensual camera. I'm comparing it with the F501 and my D1h. I got it after I was well into digital with the powerful and fast D1h, so I never used it much, but I wanted to make sure I got a foot in the manual pro class, having never been to afford even a beat up F3.

Now, almost twenty years later, as my interest in photography gets reborn, my D1h is out of action, but the F4 (I prefer it lighter with the M20) is raring to go.

The poor thing came out of storage only to find it was going to take second place to my recently acquired Df, but I'm determined to give it a good run this time around.
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Re: Nikon F4S- Who is using one?
« Reply #17 on: March 19, 2019, 16:24:31 »
I am probably, (definitely) frozen in a time warp- at least my wife and our son think so, but for me, Nikon produced the ultimate camera body when it created the F2, and I could never see the necessity for any further development by Nikon, other than the "removables" on top: F2S, F2SB, F2AS. . . Nikon could add as many finder developments as it liked, but the work was done when the F2 body was released, I thought, though I did buy a  superseded Nikonos Calypso. I think I almost refused to acknowledge the appearance of all F models after the F/F2.With more money than sense, I returned to rangefinders, A Contax G1 and then a Bessa. . . .Photography finally became digital P&S for some years, and then, mercifully, along came the Df, to rekindle my interest in photography, and with it all my Nikkor lenses. Sadly, the  F4 and subsequent Nikon Film models never registered in my pipe visioned mind.