Author Topic: The Z6 almost born in Hicksville  (Read 476 times)

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The Z6 almost born in Hicksville
« on: October 26, 2018, 17:09:33 »
Opened the free newspaper yesterday, and a stack of fliers hit the floor.  One was the London Drugs flier, and it opened on an ad. for the Z6:
                Pre-order yours today! Expected Delivery Late November 2018
                Nikon Z6  Deposit $300. . . . with 24-70mm lens. . . . expected retail price $3399.99
                Deposit $250 Body only . . . . . $2599.99
                FTZ adapter $200 at time of camera purchase.

This is Hicksville, not Toronto, Vancouver, or cities south of the line, and it's $CDN.  Old news to you guys down there, of course. And no, I will not be buying it, my Df is still the camera of my dreams that became reality. I am more satisfied with it each time I see it, handle it, use it. Superb cameras though they be, the Z6/7 are simply following/leading the pack; the Df was revolutionary- or counter-revolutionary.