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Lexar on Photokina 2018
« on: October 01, 2018, 15:03:10 »
to my surprise I found a little Lexar booth at the Photokina. It really made me happy, because I like their product, esp the Professional Workflow card readers and their XQD cards.

The person manning the booth said that at first they were not very happy with Micron selling them but their engineers found that longsys, the new owner, put a lot of effort in the brand and that first tests show the memory chips longsys puts into the new cards to be faster and more reliable than the micron chips used to be.

He claimed that you can buy Lexar product again everywhere and that also XQD cards will soon become available again.

I can only hope that all these claims hold true. There is always a lot of babble on trade shows.

here is the older press release on the brand transfer:
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