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David Paterson

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Re: 2017 Tokyo Meet Up
« Reply #45 on: December 03, 2017, 11:53:18 »
It's still too difficult to separate out single images as favourites; what I would say is that for both Mike and Akira my favourite series  - for each of them - is the last one posted.

Mayumi and I had a glorious morning for the drive back to Killin after I had scraped the ice not only from the outsides of the car windows but the insides as well. Our local hills were deeply covered with snow an there were patches of snow by the roadside. Some difference - the day before, in Tokyo, it had been 21degC.

The image shows (distant) Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond, and was shot during that drive home.


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Re: 2017 Tokyo Meet Up
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Dave, glad to know you went home safely.  Hope you get better at home.
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