Author Topic: Be aware of recurring subscription payments  (Read 1565 times)

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Be aware of recurring subscription payments
« on: June 21, 2016, 23:20:16 »
Mes amis,

The one year anniversary of NG 2.0 goes hand in hand with the renewal of the subscriptions of the early NG supporters.

As mentioned in the guidelines the default setting is that the subscription is recurring unless the feature is unchecked while subscribing or when the recurring PayPal payment is stopped.

Apparently PayPal nor the NG forum software doesn't send out a notification that the yearly payment is coming up so I expect some members might have been surprised by the PayPal notification that 20 was transferred to NG.

As mentioned a few times we didn't revive NG with commercial interest in mind so please check your PayPal subscriptions and cancel the NG subscription if you have no intention of extending the NG Supporter subscription automagically. If an unwanted payment did occur please send me a PM so we can sort things out, a happy community is way more important than a few euros :)

The forum software will change the member group for those who's subscription has ended to "Newbie", we'll give that a cooler name shortly so not to insult those whom helped make NG great again ;D
Jan Anne Offereins